WOW! It looks like something! Putting in hull cooling units
The sandblasting was a very messy job, and very dusty. Because it was so difficult to see, we have decided to use glass beads or slag next time! It was like we were at the beach, sand in our hair, clothes, house, bathtub, everywhere!
It did get the job done wonderfully though! Something that would have been impossible with grinders....

Holes cut for "in" and "out" from engine and take-up tank
The holes for the drains were the most difficult as they have to be close to the hull, yet easy to weld around without getting weld into the threads.

It's a good thing Gena was reading through an artical in "Metal Boat Society" magazine ( recommended! ) that happened to mention drains in thru-hull cooling. We'd never have thought of it! Yay!

The diagram shows how the circulation will work. The holes at the ends are also the high points ( except the fill tank ) and the pipe connecting them must have bleeder valves to get trapped air out apon filling.
( I'm taking Gena's word on that one!)

Arrows denote direction of flow, Bleeder valves are to release trapped air. There are 3 drain plugs at the lowest points Wiggling around the drain plugs was tricky as they were small and the plug had to be removed as it was still in the way. I held the flat of a pry-bar over it while she welded it. Voila! Instant sunburn ( again! )

I'm not sure if I had flash that night or sand in my eyes, or both...

To the left is a little ( cool 3d! ) diagram of the circulation. The take-up or expansion tank will go on the hot side, and a bypass valve.

We plan on having a water coil for hot water in that little tank also. I hope that works ok, although, we probably won't need hot water where we'll be going haha!

The day left us well sanded, exhausted, but satisfied that this stage is done...well, mostly.

Day 134:
11 hours:
Sandblasted along the hull where cooling tank will be. Put in drains, welded in 32 feet of tank.

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