Day 13 Putting up the frames
At last we have begun to erect some frames! After completing frames 5 & 6, we decided to use the hoist for the first time and put them up, along with frames 4 & 3. After placing some short 3' 2x2 angle irons as spacers the frames became fairly rigid, but we put in some diagonals just to be on the safe side.
We also have raised the tent by 2 feet and have nearly a foot of clearance above the keel height for accessibility. (1.5 hours) Not much room in the tent for moving around though. The strongback needed some leveling after being moved around by dropping plate onto and pulling the welder over it. (1 hour)

Frame # 5 up but not perfect.
After the frames were put up, we noticed that frame 5 was too high by 1/2" and we're not sure why, as we'd just had it on the plans. We'll have to grind off the supports and see if it will come down again.

Frames 3 - 6 in place: Sure is bigger than we expected!
Making some measurements off of the plans can be useful for checking heights and widths in the assembled frames to assure accuracy. We're going to do that for the next frames to take away some paranoia! Frame 7 left to complete, hopefully during the week in the evening sometime. Then the rest can be put up at leisure. We couldn't ask for better weather !! ;o))  

Day 13:
13.5 hours: (Actually totaled over two days!) Raised tent 2 feet, re-leveled strongback, finished frames 5 & 6. Cut connecting pieces for base and sole line for 6, 5, 4 & 3. Erected frames 6, 5, 4, & 3 and checked plumb to center line, all good. Checked fore-aft plumb and found frame 3 out by 1/4". All soles pretty close except frame #5 way out.

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