Finished framing and epoxied coaming
When we get it in mind to finish something, it seems we always do!
The first order of business was to put in the plate for the hatch enclosure. This went fine and I welded it up ( yep! )
Next was to get the frames welded in and solid. Gena put those in. Then more frames extra on each side because we plan to put our winches there.
A drain!!   Suddenly we realized we had almost forgotten about the drain holes, so we had to put 4 of those in too. (left)
These are a necessity as water will eventually get in there and would have nowhere to go, and worse yet we probably wouldn't see it because it would all go to the aft corner or far forward.
We also plan on putting the same into the seats. Nothing worse than a wet seat to sit "in" on a cold day!
The drain is made out of a piece of steel pipe elbow called a "street elbow'. Don't ask me why because I don't know!
By the time we were ready to pour in the coal tar epoxy, the sky was looking ominus, but we did it anyway!
  Here's the drainhole after the epoxy is in. This is to give you an idea of how this stuff looks. We had heard that it is thick and sticky, but wow! They weren't kidding! This stuff must be good because it went on so thick and messy, then smoothed over like glass after a few minutes.
What's even better, it was cheap! Look on our page of
suppliers if you're in the Edmonton area.

Now we're hoping for a warm evening so it'll cure quickly

Cool stuff!

Day 120:
Finished coaming bottom and epoxyed.

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