Coaming exterior completion
Now for the surprise! We have decided to put a hatch to below through the center of the coaming.
This way it will have a more roomy atmosphere in the aft stateroom, and, because the coaming is so large, allow for more storage on either side.
Above in the photo are the pieces of plate cut and ready to go in around the hatch area. These must be in before we close in the coaming.
Meanwhile back aboard, Gena is busy welding all those little slots I made earlier. The shape of that corner ( pic to right ) for some reason reminds me of an old style steel bathtub! It does have neat lines.
Some of these edges were lined up with a small piece of plate but most of it was done by eye, my eye. Needless to say I am a bit nervous about the outcome of this once the plate is on top.
The remainder of the day was spent putting in frames and welding up the many little slots and cracks. It must be finished by tomorrow as we plan to fill the bottom with coal-tar epoxy as a seal. The hole has been cut through the deck for the skylight hatch enclosure. (Below) We have been using this to run all the cables out of, but soon we'll have to find somewhere else to run them in.

Day 119:
7 hours - Welded up the coaming rounded edging and slots. Put in some framing. Cut out the hatch enclosure plate.

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