Edging the coaming
Up to this point in the project, it seems the coaming is the most complex and time consuming area on the whole boat!
Many hours have been realised and there's still a few to go before it is finished.

The elbow falling down to meet the small angle to aft
  The aft section of split pipe in the photo to left probably wasn't a good idea as the excess had to be trimmed off to the point that very little of the piece was actually used. A larger diameter pipe would have been better, but also a waste because the rest we couldn't use anywhere else.
Gena was worried about how much welding this is going to be hehe.

The peice of elbow pipe worked great on the outer edge of the coaming, but as for the inner edge, in the corner of the seatbacks, it was too small. A much larger elbow would have been required.
So I just cut out 'V' slots and tapped the split pipe over section by section. ( pic to left )

Below is a photo of the specially modified pipe clamps holding on a guide for splitting the pipe 4 ways.
I cut the pipe leaving 3 or 4 small sections intact, then ( my favorite part! ) Pick the pipe up and drop it and it breaks into 4 pieces...well it looks cool when I do it ! :o)

Day 118:
Coaming corners, edging, and some welding.

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