beautiful! Finish transom outside and in
At last the transom area is complete! And the lines seem to have worked well.
We haven't decided on how or where to put in the ladder, but we will be using something that folds out from itself down into the water because the aft tip is still going to be at least 8" out of the water.
inside transom   Gena did the framing inside while I smoothed the welds outside.
It seems so strong one wouldn't think it necessary to put in framing at all!
But we do need to have something to attach the interior to so it wasn't an issue.
The lean in towards th ceiling also has frames on it.
The difference in weight may have some effect though, and we will take this into consideration when laying in the ballast.
  In this photo, it can be seen that the center bar, protruding from the stem, is a much heavier material than on the left and right. It is also wider so when the interior panelling is layed, it will have a somewhat lesser curve. the ends also have height so the smaller bars width had to be so the wall follows smoothly to the ends.

Day 117:
6 hours:
Finished trnsom / swimdeck area inside and out. Primed.

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