Coaming corners and more swimdeck
After having made the corners of the coaming nice and round, the job of finishing the top edge presents itself. Origionally I had planned to slit the 1/4 round to roughly follow the edge of the large pipe, fill and smooth afterward. Then we saw these steel elbows and it looked about the right size so we bought a couple.
I cut a section out freehanding with the plazma cutter and it fit nicely! ( Top photo )
There is a transition between a 90 round on the side, and a 45 on the back of the coaming. This is somewhat unfortunate but letting the piece roll under so only part of the elbow is used gives the right size section. The plate that will rune along the top of the coaming will actually overlap this edge, then be filled.
Still after all that, the corner looks great!
Meanwhile at the transom, Gena has been welding the ( more or less ) triangle shaped side pieces I cut earlier. This pieces were traced off of the edge and took both of us to get it bent into position for marking. The corner is actually 90 still. We just moved it back until it fit flush against the transom ! As the edge is inset instead of on top, care was given to the accuracy of the cut - well it usually is, but even more here!
The rest of the day was spent welding up the aft area, and making sure it is sealed. We have decided the grind this smooth for a final finish next weekend.

Day 116:

7 hours - Finish swim deck, put in coaming corners and side 1/4 pipe

DAY 115
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