Day 114 Put in swimdeck bottom and back plate
We did make progress today, although it doesn't look like much ! I left the aft edge of the platform oversize until we can see how it will flow into the vertical. We also decided to reinforce the center with a piece of 1" angle as Gena was afraid it may suck downward when she welded it to the transom. As can be seen, it fit in nicely, that is after we trimmed it a bit, again!
Using some what was almost was scrap, 1/8" thick 12" wide strips of plate, we marked cut and bent into place the aft vertical edge of the swim deck. They went in with some resistance as they also had to twist outwards near the bottom. Getting the curve cut right took a couple of tries on the first one.
It was necessary that they be inset into the hull plate rather than sitting on top, so a soft edge could be ground away later. Better it be ground off the thick plate!
Family came out to visit thwarting any further work for the day.
That's ok though, we were tired out anyway ;o)

Lookin good so far!

Day 114:
6 hours - Put in swim deck plate and vertical plate on aft

  Gena and I have produced a TV series of the whole project from start to finish! Watch this and lots more from the first frame to the last halyard (which was a "slopper stopper" for the boom actually!)
  It was quite a bit of work to produce, but well worth it in the end! The DVD volumes are separated into 10 episodes, the final being an extended episode.
  There's lots of video footage never seen on-line, great music, and 3-D animations of different projects and concepts. It's all been put together in an interesting and entertaining, sometimes hilarious, way. Building a boat is the same -interesting, entertaining, and funny...and not so funny sometimes!
  We hope we can give you all a taste of what it was like!