Day 112 Transom top plate
Today things seemed to move in slow motion, but eventually the job got done!
The split pipe was about 1 hour per piece, then the plate between somehow took 2 hours to cut and get into place. I guess we just wanted to get more done today than we did. Apart from that, the aft is sealed up. No more water in the keel...we hope !
Aggggh, curves!!
In the thick of thought and planning, I figured that the plate between the transom and the poopdeck would be more or less straight, give or take a bit for the camber. Pic to left says this isn't so hehe.
Lucky I decided to check it out beforehand with a strip of plastic board. I was going to only cut it 11"+3" for camber, but it needed to be at least 18"
I realise now that I didn't think about the fact that the poopdeck curve ( horizontal ) was not going to be perpendicular to the 45 plate, it's 45 off also...of course! So my guess would be the curve difference would require 1.414 ( sqrt(2)) greater than the actual width of the plate. No wonder most boat designers are using computers to draw up blue prints !
Ahhh loverly!
The addition of the 3/4" slit pipe sections made it even more fun. Happily, everything went into place just fine. The 45 on the cockpit coaming matches the slope off to the transom.
The rest of the day was spent welding this new addition ( 42 feet - Gena must hate my split pipe sometimes ), and rejoicing in a sealed aft !

Day 112:
8 hours - served up aft plate to transom and split pipe thereof

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