Day 111 Transom
Excuse the messy primer job on the inside of the transom, above, somehow it became a place to clean off the rollers for a while! We're finally ready to put it in for good. We found an engine, a "previously owned" -ya rite!- Perkins 154 diesel that seems to run fine. Believe it or not there's a story here...

Last year we were looking in the local buy and sell paper for whatever we can get cheap that may be good for the project, when we came across some stainless steel pipe. We called the guy up and it turned out he was 200 miles south, in Calgary, but he told us he comes up our way almost every week so we bought it all. Gena found the ad for the Perkins in the same paper, and simularly, the guy was near a town fairly close to Calgary. As the weather wasn't forcast to be great that day we decided to drive down and check it out. It turned out the engine was
in Calgary, so we all went there. After we had decided to take it, he asks " aren't you the same girls that bought the pipe off of me last year?"
Sounds like fate, not sure which -good or bad, but the
pipe is still fine!
Gena welding 'er up!
For the last few months we have been cursing our leaking, melted and holed poor old tarp and the water we have to repeatedly vacuum out of the keel. After hauling up the engine, there's nothing to do but seal up the aft of the boat.
We had already cut and trimmed it so it didn't take much to get it in. It's truly amazing how solid a curved structure is, especially once securly in place. Shortly thereafter the camber cut was made to the transoms' top to match the deck camber. I think this is important so the plate that will go up at a 45 lay in will only need have a single curve. I have seen some that are straight but they don't seem, at least to us, very continuous looking.
The way we did this assured an equal distance all along the angled plate, even though there is a curve in the transom. I took an extra piece of frame that was cambered for the poopdeck but never used. Placing it in the appropriate position inside the transom and keeping it vertical as are the ones in the poopdeck, I used it as a guide to cut the camber.
If one was to look at the transom from a distance from straight aft, it would appear to have the exact camber of the poopdeck.
A narrow piece of split pipe will be placed on the top and bottom to give it a smoother edge, and also to amooth the aft edge of the poopdeck as there is no support there.

Day 111:
5 hours - Put in transom and cut it's camber, Gena welded it in solid, cut the side plates to a 45 drop

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