Day 11 ..Sorry No Pic... Putting together half station webs
Put together some of the half station webs. These are the ones that have no frames, just the web. Also bevelled frame 8 for next weekend.  
Copied 2nd half of plans to plywood after paint had dryed. The weather slowed that down. Had to wait for things to dry up as it had rained the night before. It's amazing how much the plans will grow in high humidity. One must be very careful to keep them dry, and watch humidity while using the plans.

Anyway, we quit a bit earlier than usual as today is labour day!

Day 11:
6 hours - Welded frame 5 halves. Welded half stations 3.5, 4.5 & 5.5 together. Repainted plywood and copied on 2nd half of plans (left side).

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