Day 108 Humanizing cockpit
I call it humanizing, the rounding of nasty corners! 2" split pipe came to the rescue once again. This time I split the pipe into quarters leaving it intact with short missed sections as I cut, and it retained its form perfectly. I then cut out all the little bridges, picked the pipe up and dropped it, and it broke into 4 perfect pieces all side by side. Wish I had that on video it was amazing hehe !  

Pipe tacked into position
In the pic above, a slot was maintained to accept the pipe, and only the frames had to be rounded back to seat them on. ( This makes it easier for tacking it into place. ) The plate on both sides had to be ground down more at one end as I had overlooked the slight drop in the cockpit floor that we implemented to allow for forward drainage.
In the corners, where two pipes sections meet, I have found that making them eack a 45 angle, like a picture frame works the best. Over lapping one leaves a strange shape that is difficult to change, especially when "schedual" type pipe is uses as it is slightly thicker than the 1/8" plate.
Looks like Gena has a lot of welding to do!

Day 108:
6 hours - Rounded cockpit edges. Finished cockpit

DAY 107

Tough Radio Repair job?

DAY 109