Day 107 Cockpit area
Sometimes, no matter how much planning is done in advance, the project has to be tested in reality to be decided on. This was the case for the cockpit width. We cut it to 30" as shown in the plans, sat in it, saw how the wheel would have to fit in and it's limited size, then decided to take it out to 36".
This of course meant the seat backs had to be moved also 3" further out. The area on top of the coaming will still be large enough to mount our somewhat over sized winches.

This took all day to do but we're glad we did it as a lot of time will be spent here, especially while underway. It only stands to reason that it should be comfortable.
The frames in pic to right were put in to offer support as well as make a place to attach the bulkheads on each side.

View of cockpit from inside
Another thought is the head will be 3 inches narrower. Inversely the closet will be 6 inches wider, which is a good thing! ( After all we are 2 girls, and must have a sizable wardrobe or two in there! )

Day 107:
7 hours - Widened cockpit, frames, and seatbacks 6"

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