Day 106 Nice seats! Putting in cockpit seatbacks
The seatbacks are a little simpler than the coaming as there is no curve ( in this design ) but it does lean back at an angle of 74 .
The position of the backs we made 18" from the edge of the cockpit. This seemed comfortable, and would allow ones legs to touch the side of the cockpit thus giving one more stability in rough water situations.
I have been in boats with a seat that is too narrow and it's very uncomfortable (ie our little 21 footer! ) When the boat heels suddenly, one tends to slap back into the seat if footing is lost.
Some consideration had to be made as to the width of the coaming also. A set of winches on each side will require at least 11". The winches have a 9" footprint, and 1" each side for the soft edge, ie. 1/4 pipe.
After the two sides were in, the large section of pipe was cut to fall in just as the coaming ones, but in reverse. We have decided to put in the aft seatback later as this is where the welder currently lives, and no room would be left!
We had some problems with the plate bowing up on the poopdeck as Gena welded the seams. Not at the weld but on one side away from it. This was obviously because we hadn't put enough tacks in underneath to hold the plate to the frames, and distortion did happen. They had to be forced down again. and some cutting of the frames involved may need to be implemented to get them straight again.
Cutting out the cockpit "hole" also made it worse. We should have known better!

Day 106:
7 hours: Put in seat backs and cut out for cockpit floor. Gena did more final welding

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