Day 105 Coaming aft plate and curves
Today a lot of decisions were made.
We are going to move the coaming back about a foot further than usual. This will allow for some more outside storage, accessible from the aft. This will be useful for dinghy related things, and ropes etc. Also we have something else planned there, but I won't go into detail yet!
The aft part of the coaming was fun, and a test for myself to see how much I have learned. I used some basic geometry to calculate how much of a curve would be needed for the span of plate. I took the slight deck camber into consideration, the depth of the curve on the deck, the angle it will be sitting at, the curve length, and keeping the camber true to radius. Then cut the plate, hauled it up and voila! It didn't fit!!
Somewhere in all those calculations I forgot something... oops! After recalculating ( on paper this time! ) I recut and in it went. Lesson learned:
Paper was invented 4000 years ago, pencils shortly thereafter.
Here's a view from above. The section of 8" pipe was cut down from 1/4 to 1" less as the angle is greater than 90. I then sat the pipe in place and battened a line using the high edge of a steel marker to get the lay in. After the cut was made and the pipe in place, the top was marked by measuring equally to the height all the way around the curve, then cut. It's quite an angle, even though the photo doesn't show it!


Day 105:
7 hours - Welded poop deck, steps and more of pilot house. Put in aft of coaming

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