Day 104 Nice Curve! Putting up coaming sides
Even though today is my birthday, Georgena whipped me to work on the boat...
Not really, actually I just couldn't wait to start. That way I could forget that yet another year has tallyed up to an already ( in my opinion ) pretty high count! Then I realized that this is my third spent working on the boat. Hmmm. Anyway, the evening to follow was great.. which started in the afternoon.
view of cockpit area   That reminds me, drinking beer on a hot day while building a boat is probably not a good idea. Things tend to get messed up a bit more than usual...not saying we did, it's just what we've heard hehe.

After much ado, we decided I would make the coaming sides.
The poopdeck has a slight drop going aft, due to the camber riding up, and the sides are to be angled to follow that of the pilot house. This created a slight curve in the cut, as did the fact the whole piece is curved.

Battening in wasn't a problem, we just had to watch the plates angle as Gena tacked it on, as, like the cabin sides the slight shrinking of the weld could make a big change to the angle. To give a reference: over the whole length, the highest cut was about 1/4" at each end. That's the difference between the plate sitting vertical, and the plate sitting at the pilot house side angle. ( 5 )

Day 104:
4.5 hours:
Put on combing sides while Gena welded pilot house roof. Partied.

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