Day 101 The cabin front
After a great holiday out on the coast, we're back more enthused than ever!
And with some experience as to layout considerations, the task of deck layout doesn't seem so daunting. We went on a cruise and learn with
Captain Mac's school of seamanship and Gena took over 100 photos of Kinohi, the sloop we we on. Many other photos were taken of course but I wished we had taken the video camera instead.
Even though weather wasn't great, we had a fabulous time and are going to go again asap!
Captain Mac, besides being an excellent teacher, is a great cook...almost worth the return just for his excellent salmon! Fantastic!
The project for today is the forward cabin. The plate that sweeps up from the bow deck area to the cabintop. We weren't really sure how this would be done, as the origion method of laying the sheet over the area and marking it off was flawed. The plate has a mean curve to it!  
Cutting the curve out of the deck seemed the only way to go, so we made a curve by bending some flatbar and letting it naturally go where it wanted, then marking for a cut.
The bent width measured and the plate was cut oversize vertically to allow for the extra the curve would use up top center and bottom sides.
A come-along was used to get the bend we wanted but had to remain on until the plate was in position. Luckily, I wanted to use some pipe to corner the sides and that allowed for some room to get the come-along hooks through.
It was a tight fit though! As it turns out, the curve is more hyperbolic than a edge of a circle, but we like the way it looks this way.
The top has no pipe along it like the sides as it is a pretty soft angle to begin with. It can be changed easily enough if we change our minds. That's the beauty of steel!
This took a whole day believe it or not. It's great to be back!

Below this area will be the sail locker. I wanted to put a large hatch in this piece but given the curve and the flatness of the hatch we aquired when we were at the coast, it just wouldn't work. Guess I'll have to settle for the deck mounting of it...and after all those hours of 'heated debate' with Gena!

A short note on buying at marine shops:

It really pays to shop around! While we we in the Vancouver region, we went around to many marine supply shops, and surplus stores. While we were in Steveston, looking for a supplier, we found a place called Mariners Xchange just across from the Steveston market. They had tons of second hand equipment, hatches, stoves, and whatever else. The fellow there gave us some really good deals, and was very willing to negociate, even more than I was hehe! We found a nice hatch, a Bowmar, an oven, a portable butane stove ( cool thing that! ) and many other things. He had Force 4 inflatables for about 1200$ and I was thinking about buying one, but didn't. The next day in Vancouver, we saw the same inflatable, used, for 2200$!! So it does pay to shop around.

Day 101:
7 hours - Put on cabintop front

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